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To compare tuners we have used four price bands A to D.

US Dollars (USA)
A: Under $25
B: $25-$100
C: $100-$200
D: Over $200

Pounds Sterling (UK)
A: Under £15
B: £15-£60
C: £60-£120
D: Over £120

Euros (Europe)
A: Under €17
B: €17-€70
C: €70-€140
D: Over €140

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PW CT-04 Pedal Tuner

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Planet Waves CT-04 Chromatic Pedal Tuner

PW CT-04 Pedal Tuner

The Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Tuner is a superbly-styled, very rugged and easy to use stage tuner with exceptionally clear bright display, sweep and strobe tuning modes and true bypass. Typically great design and top-quality construction from renown guitar accessory maker Planet Waves (Part of the D'Addario group).

The CT-04 sweep and strobe tuner has a patent-pending intuitive rotary user interface housed in a rugged, road-worthy metal enclosure. The oversized note name indicator and super-bright tuning LEDs combine to make on-stage tuning easy in all lighting conditions, from pitch black darkness to the full glare of stage lights. Professional features like true hard bypass for preserved tone and dual 9v AC jacks (for daisy-chaining) make this unit at home in any pedal board configuration.

Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Tuner Features:

Sweep and Strobe mode tuning
True Hard Bypass
User calibration from A435Hz to A445Hz
Bright, multi-segment oversized not indicator
Mute/Bypass select for silent tuning when amplified
Accurate to +/- 3 cents


but not for long - with the arrival of Polytune?

A genuinely smart new fast and ultraprecise tuner
seem to have arrived - check out the
which seem to be from the excellent tc electronic guys


Probably the best guitar tuner in the world!

The Planet Waves pedal tuner is definitely the best tuner I have ever used, for quality, ease of use, clarity and robustness. I use mine from the tuner output of my Ernie Ball volume pedal. You can do a quick tuning check between songs on stage in seconds, just hit the pedal and it mutes the sound and shows you tuning in incredibly clear, bight and easy-to-read LEDs. I use it in default sweep mode (where it is just like using a needle tuner). Strobe mode is more accurate and would be good for studio use, but is more difficult to use.
10/10 from me!!

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