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To compare tuners we have used four price bands A to D.

US Dollars (USA)
A: Under $25
B: $25-$100
C: $100-$200
D: Over $200

Pounds Sterling (UK)
A: Under £15
B: £15-£60
C: £60-£120
D: Over £120

Euros (Europe)
A: Under €17
B: €17-€70
C: €70-€140
D: Over €140

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Polytune Polyphonic guitar tuner by TC Electronic

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PolyTune - The world's first Polyphonic guitar tuner

Polytune Polyphonic guitar tuner by TC Electronic

PolyTune is the world's first polyphonic tuner, enabling guitarists to see the state of tune of all six strings at once! Sounds like a joke, but it really works... you can strum all strings and see instantly which, if any, need tuning. A true revolution in guitar tuning and winner of many music industry awards before it's even in the shops! Available from March 2010.

Polyphonic guitar tuning
With PolyTune, you simply strum all strings on your guitar or bass at once, and it will immediately tell you which strings need tuning! This cutting-edge tuning technology revolutionizes the way you tune and does what seems impossible - tuning all strings simultaneously! It's as simple as strum - tune - rock, and allowing you to get in tune fast, and back to playing.

Add this amazing polyphonic tuner technology to standard features such as true bypass and battery/9Vdc supply, neatly package it in a robust guitar pedal form and the PolyTune could be the tuner pedal to beat all others!

The PolyTune also includes other tuning features such as:

- Adjustable reference pitch
- Plus/minus 1 cent tuning accuracy
- Standard chromatic tuner function with 0.5 cent accuracy
- Stream-mode (pseudo-strobe)
- MonoPoly - automatic detection and switching from single string (mono) to multi-string (polyphonic) mode
- Saved Preferences. From pitch reference to tuning mode, it saves all settings even after it is powered down.
- Automatic LED brightness adjustment using an ambient light sensor to automatically match the brightness of the LEDs to its surroundings.
- 17 + 100 LED matrix display

PolyTune Technical Specifications

Tuning Accuracy: +/- 0.5 cent

Reference Pitch: A4 = 435 to 445Hz (1 Hz steps)

Input Impedance: 500 kOhm (pedal on)

Power Supply: One 9V type battery or AC adapter (9V DC), - sold separately

Current Draw: 45-50 mA (typical)

Dimensions (WxDxH): 72 mm x 122 mm x 45 mm

Weight: 300 g/10.6 oz (incl. battery)

Included items: 9V battery plus 2 pcs. 3M velcro for pedal board attachment

Price Band - C


PolyTune - The world's first Polyphonic guitar tuner

The TC Electronics Polytune is awesome!
I have the 'stompbox' and iPhone app, both work perfectly.
I am a guitar owning bass guitarist with four, five and six strings to keep in tune. The Polytune handles them all with ease.
I've gigged my five string bass with the stompbox and can report that it provides a very clear display under low, bright and coloured lighting. Simply strum, check and tune with muting between numbers.
The iPhone app is just as good, though I wouldn't recommend stomping on it! I downloaded the app, tuned an acoustic guitar, an unplugged electric then switched to bass mode to tune both a four and a five string bass within minutes. Impressive? So impressive I'm selling my rack mount tuner!

I never thought of tuning as a pleasure. If only my instruments were less stable so I could use Polytune more often!


It's no suprise that polyphonic tuning works..

It's no suprise that polyphonic tuning works - you just need to look at the Gibson Robot guitars, that tune themselves polyphonically (all strings tuned simultaneously).
What the PolyTune has done is invent a meaningful display for this and put all the technology in a neat pedal package. I can't wait to get my hands on one... they're not even that expensive!
LP - Scotland

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