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To compare tuners we have used four price bands A to D.

US Dollars (USA)
A: Under $25
B: $25-$100
C: $100-$200
D: Over $200

Pounds Sterling (UK)
A: Under £15
B: £15-£60
C: £60-£120
D: Over £120

Euros (Europe)
A: Under €17
B: €17-€70
C: €70-€140
D: Over €140

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7 string guitar string setKorg rack mount tuner DTR 2000Fender AX-12 Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Can I use a guitar tuner to tune a bass?

Yes, most modern guitar tuners are also suitable for tuning bass guitars, including 5 and 6 string basses.

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Beginner power chords

White Horse budget rack tunerTuner in bass rack