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To compare tuners we have used four price bands A to D.

US Dollars (USA)
A: Under $25
B: $25-$100
C: $100-$200
D: Over $200

Pounds Sterling (UK)
A: Under £15
B: £15-£60
C: £60-£120
D: Over £120

Euros (Europe)
A: Under €17
B: €17-€70
C: €70-€140
D: Over €140

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Planet Waves True Strobe Tuner

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Planet Waves True Strobe strobe tuner

Planet Waves True Strobe Tuner

The Planet Waves Tru-Strobe guitar tuner unusual in that it uses a genuine strobe tuner technique, not a "simulated strobe" that some other electronic tuners use. The Tru-Strobe is an extremely accurate tuner, ideal for settling intonation, recording and live performances where being accurately in tune is very important.

Although not a pedal tuner, the Tru-Strobe's construction is as heavy-duty as a pedal and includes a built-in microphone and input jacks for tuning acoustic, as well as electric guitars and other electronic instruments.

The slightest difference between input frequency and the set reference frequency appears as movement on the circular LED interface. Once the movement stops, you are perfectly in tune.

Planet Waves Tru-Strobe Specification
- Accurate to +/- 0.1 cent
- Built in microphone
- Bright blue LED note display
- Features true strobe tuning(not a simulation)
- Adjustable calibration - default A440, adjustable to 435 to 445Hz
- Powered by 9V battery or AC adapter (included)

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